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November 2015 – San Francisco, CA

Alex Hertz

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Born in Baltimore, raised in Philadelphia, and educated in New Orleans, I'm a designer focused on helping technology be a better companion to creativity.

Recently, I led design at Gumroad, a company designing a better commerce experience for the creative economy. During my time there, we had the honor of being featured as the #2 company in Fast Company’s “World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Design” for making e-commerce as painless as tweeting.

Before that, I collaborated with friend & fellow designer Lee Martin in creating unique digital experiences that helped musicians engage their fans in a manner that honored their art and story. We also scaled that service with Suite, a set of simple marketing apps for bands and record labels.

When not working, you can usually find me exploring the bay area, practicing yoga, or playing guitar.